Overbite Surgery

An overbite is a condition where your upper teeth project too much over the lower teeth.

While it is normal to have your upper teeth project over your lower teeth, if your upper teeth are so protruding that they push your upper lips over your lower lips, then you have an overbite.

What Causes Overbite?

You can find out whether your overbite is caused by your upper jaw position or your upper teeth position by consulting an orthodontist, who will take an X-ray to ascertain the real cause of your overbite.

If your overbite is caused by a protruding upper jaw, then overbite surgery will be required to rectify the problem because braces alone won’t be able to fix it completely.

It is likely that your overbite condition was inherited from your family’s genes. Simply take a look at your parents, cousins and relatives to see if some of them have the same condition as you have.

How Overbite Surgery Works

In the video above, the upper jaw was pushed backwards to correct the overbite. Depending on the position of your lower jaw, it may require surgery to make your transformation more complete.

2 Comments On “Overbite Surgery”

On 25th October 2011 8:33 AM, Monique said:

I am 18 years old and I’m due to go for this surgery next year January but I am still having many doubts about the situation. Based on your experience, would you reccomend it to other people? Also the sensory nerves that run inside the jaw bone, is that damage permanent or does the sensation by your chin come back after a certain period?

On 28th October 2011 2:27 AM, Vince said:

Yes, I would recommend jaw surgery to people who need it and if they can afford it.

The numbness usually goes away after a while but some people may experience permanent numbness. I’m not sure about the risks but I simply decided to deal with all the risks and thankfully mine turned out OK.

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