Underbite Surgery

As you all know from this web site, I had underbite surgery to correct my underbite.

You can check out my underbite before and after photos to see the what underbite surgery did for me. I hope that my web site will inspire you to consider the benefits of getting underbite surgery to correct your underbite despite the pain of going through the recovery after surgery.

Types of Underbite Surgery

Underbite is a layman’s version of the medical term Class III Malocclusion. Other terms include prognathism and negative overjet.

There are generally 2 type of underbite surgeries that you could undergo to correct your underbite. The assumption I am making here is your underbite is caused by your protruding lower jaw (as mine was).

The first way would be to move your lower jaw backwards so that your lower teeth. Your bite will be normal as your lower teeth will be positioned behind the upper teeth.

The second way would be to move your upper jaw forward and lower jaw backwards. This method’s result is similar to the first method but the difference is the lower jaw does not need to be moved back as much. Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon will decide if this method will be used depending on the position of your upper jaw.

Non-Surgery Underbite Correction

Some people with protruding lower jaws choose not to have surgery to correct their underbite by opting for orthodontic treatment to push their lower teeth behind the upper teeth to achieve a functional bite.

This may improve the side profile of the patients but it does not fix the underlying cause of the underbite. The patient will still have a protruding lower jaw.

Should You Get Underbite Surgery?

I receive quite a few emails and comments on my web site about this question.

My answer would be if you can afford it and you want to feel better about yourself, why not? You have the right to fix the misaligned jaws that you were born with to make yourself feel good about yourself. To hell with what everyone else says or thinks about your decision to do so!

Find out more about the jaw surgery cost and the jaw surgery recovery process. If you believe you are willing to handle the pain of jaw surgery recovery, then go for it!

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2 Comments On “Underbite Surgery”

On 8th August 2011 11:17 PM, Pam said:

Our orthodontist has recommended that our daughter have surgery to correct her underbite. He recommended an oral surgeon who suggested we move her lower jaw back. This option sounded very invasive and complicated (cutting the nerve etc…). We consulted with a maxio cranial surgeon that recommended moving the upper jaw forward – much less invasive surgery (no nerve severing etc..) and less recovery time. Both surgeons have put forth good arguments for their procedure and we are very confused as to which way to go. Our ortho highly recommends moving the lower jaw but it sounds so much more complicated and severe that I thought if the upper jaw surgery would fix the problem, why not do it? Do you know of any websites that might help educate us on the difference between the two surgeries or should I simply get more opinions before making our decision?

On 30th December 2012 10:55 AM, mike farino said:

i am 66 years and i have an under bite,i would prefer the veneer option rather than surgery. is there and doctgor in the north carolina area i can speaki with.


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